Adult BJJ


Fundamental Jiu Jitsu

Every great story has a beginning. Our fundamentals class introduces students to the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Students will learn techniques that can be used in self defense as well as sport Jiu Jitsu such as take downs, sweeps, transitions, and more. The basics are critical to developing a solid understanding of Jiu Jitsu. This class is recommended for beginners and advance students.


All-Levels Jiu Jitsu

Our all-levels class allows students of any skill level to learn more advanced moves and techniques. This class focuses heavily on positions, transitions, and submissions. The lesson is then followed by a bit of sparring to put new skills into practice and allow students to work on their techniques.

no gi.jpg

No Gi Jiu Jitsu

There are times when we train without the use of the gi. By doing this, we change up the style and pacing of the grappling. The grips that would be provided by the traditional uniform are removed, allowing a faster pace and it changes up the way we approach positions and submissions. This class puts emphasis on control and mobility.